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6 Drivers of Rental Cash Flow Profits

3 May

Economic trends are like the movement of the stars. They are always in motion, and once in a great while a unique alignment occurs that has not been seen before, and may not be seen again in our lifetimes. Just such an alignment of factors is now occurring, and for the real estate cash flow investor it represents probably the greatest opportunity we may have seen.

Let’s take a look at the 6 factors that are driving this unprecedented opportunity:

1)      Record Low Interest Rates – Interest rates are at low levels that we have never seen before, and the Fed (for the time being) is keeping them at these record low rates. This means that the interest rate as a percentage of cash flows has never been lower.

2)      Low Housing Prices – On a national level housing prices have crashed to a pre-2000 level. The current affordable housing prices combined with the low interest rates have created a situation where the cost of mortgage payments have seen a total inflation adjusted reduction of 49% over a five year period.

3)      Increasing Rental Demand – Since 2006 there has been a basic shift underway moving from home ownership to rentals. This shift to rentals strongly favors the cash flow investor.

4)      Decreasing Vacancy Rates – The demand factor is driving rental vacancy rates to very low levels. Nationally rates are under 10%, and in major metropolitan areas can be as low as 5% or less.

5)      Decrease in New Construction – New rental units, as well as new housing starts remain depressed. While there have been some signs of life recently in the building sector, the current economic conditions are keeping the building sector from taking off.

6)      Increasing Rental Rates – The above factors are contributing to rising rental rates. It has been projected that rates are expected to continue to rise in many markets above the rate of inflation.

As you can see the factors outlined when combined create what is a real opportunity for the cash flow investor. Add to this that inflation alone is likely to increase housing values at a healthy rate over the coming years, and you can see what a powerful investing opportunity is sitting in front of us.


In the Area May 2nd?

20 Apr

Axiom Commercial Real Estate will be hosting a free presentation by Northwest Real Estate Investors LLC for those in the Tacoma area that can make it. The title is “A Blueprint to Housing Profits”.

NWREI LLC will be presenting an overview of the 6 key economic factors that together have created what may be the best fundamentals for Real Estate cash flow investing of our generation.

Sound Interesting?

If you can make it please feel free to visit our registration page HERE. If you’re not going to be able to make it, never fear, I’ll be posting out a lot of the details following the seminar here for our readers.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy

10 Mar

There are many reasons to consider purchasing your business property rather than leasing. Here are some of the more pertinent:

1) We are in all likelihood at or near the bottom of market prices
2) Mortgage rates are historically low
3) Purchasing provides your business with a predictable monthly outflow (no rent increases)
4) Purchasing allows you to increase equity thru amortization
5) Purchasing allows you to increase available cash flow thru depreciation
6) Purchasing allows you to increase personal wealth thru appreciation
7) Purchasing your space allows you to write off improvements
8) Purchasing is in effect forced savings through principal payments
9) Effective use of the Lease-Option could provide you further leverage by locking in today’s prices on a purchase in 3 to 5 years.
10) Purchasing is an investment in you, your business, and your family that will pay-off over the long haul

Have questions, or would you like a free lease vs buy analysis for your business? Please drop us a line at info@axiomre.com.

Wealth Building 101

21 Dec

I was talking to a good friend of mine regarding current pricing of residential and commercial properties and found that the residential sales prices have fallen about one third in value and commercial sale are being priced predicated on their income approach. (Not really good since most buildings have vacancies)  We are gathering a list of lenders who are willing to fund commercial financing on property for the small investor. Post your comments and ideas or drop us a line at al-1@axiomre.com and we will get them published.

Wealth Building 101 substitutes traditional financing for creative methods of borrowing money.  Using property other than what is being sold, or a combination of properties is a great method of satisfying the lenders collateral requirements. Be sure to discuss this with your attorney prior to finalizing your deal. Let’s hear about your latest wealth building idea.

Why We’re Here

21 Dec

Axiom is a blog dedicated to an ongoing discussion around building wealth with a focus on Commercial Real Estate. We hope that over the coming moths and years we can develop a lively, and useful discussion. So feel free to check-in often, and by all means contribute by adding your comments. Thanks for visiting!