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To Lease or Buy?

16 Jan

Is it better to buy than lease my office space? It’s a question I am often asked when leasing space.

The answer is that there is no one right answer as each business owner has different circumstances. However, by analyzing the business owners needs, tax bracket, need for cash,and other criteria, we have been able to create annual sizable savings and a retirement fund for many.

We have a service that Offers a free “lease vs. buy analysis” that I would be happy to extend to our readers.

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Passive vs Active Investments

12 Jan

I have received several requests from investors who have inquired about owning real estate outright vs.buying a REIT and how best to approach it.

Direct real estate ownership is often very profitable for those who have the time and expertise to buy, sell, rent, manage, repair, and face the daily chores of owning. While buying into a REIT is like buying just another stock, it has little direct benefits other than watching values move up and down as the market changes.

An alternative is to buy into a real estate partnership with others who have the creditability, expertise, and track record. For more information call my office on how not only how to make huge returns but receive tax benefits as well.

Better yet, I’ll share with you a strategy on how you are able to buy and sell tax free!

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